• Born in Si Chuan Province, HE Yu is an avid contemporary art practioner in the fields of the performance art, video, photography, physical theater,painting and poetry. She has a bachelor degree in Literature from Nan Jing University and Master degree in Commerce from University of New South Wales. For over 10 years, she was an urban professional working in business while she had a fortuitous encounter that would change the course of her life forever. The encounter with contemporary art, was such a revelation that the overwhelming passion she felt then has yet to subside. Self-taught and instinctual, she took her way of embracing with contemporary art as opportunity of creative freedom, a natural celebration of giving full expression to her need to create. In the past two years, HE Yu has presented her works of different media widely at art festivals, independent spaces and museums domestically and internationally.








  • Shows & Events (Selected) 展览及活动节选

    2021 年10月,UP-ON 国际现场艺术节,成都
    2021 Oct, UP-ON Live Art Festival, Chengdu
    2020年11月,“予她同行”女性当代艺术展, M50 创+艺术空间, 上海
    2020 Nov. “ Stand by Her” Female Artists Exhibition, M50 Innovation + Space, Shanghai

    2020年7月, “恍若”青年艺术家联展, 普陀文化馆, 上海

    2020 July, “Déjà vu” Young Artists Exhibition, Pu Tuo District Art Museum, Shanghai


    2019年12月, “隐匿的时空“当代艺术展,城市创艺空间,上海

    2019 Dec, “Obscure Space and Time” Art Exhibition, City Art Space, Shanghai


    2019 年 8月,“在云上”现场艺术节,云南

    2019 Aug, “Above the Clouds” Live Art Festival, Yun Nan


    2018 年5月,猎质郑州当代艺术双年展, 彩虹盒子美术馆, 郑州

    2018 May, "Hunting Quality Zheng Zhou Art Biennial", Rainbow Box Museum, Zheng Zhou


    2017 年 12月,“无价之宝” 艺术展,兼容的盒子@豫园艺术中心,上海

    2017 Dec, "Inestimable" art exhibition, by Compatible Bizzar@ Yu Garden Art Center, Shanghai


    年 8月,第二届女性艺术家影像展,国家数字文化中心,墨西哥

    2017 August, the Second Edition of Chinese Women Artist Video Art Festival, Mexico


    2017 年 5月,“方案展-局部档案” 要空间,上海

    2017 May, “Program Exhibition – Partial Archive” YELL Space, Shanghai


    2017 年 4月, “万丈高楼平地起”第二届长江国际影像双年展, 长江当代美术馆,重庆

    2017 Apr, “Rip it Up” the 2nd International Photography and Video Biennial, Chang Jiang Contemporary Museum, Chong Qing


    2017 年 4月,谷雨行动,第11届国际行为艺术节,西安

    2017 Apr, “Gu Yu Action” the 11th International Performance Art Festival, Xi An


    2017年3月,“我们何以成为我们”群展, 言午画廊,上海

    2017, March, "How We Have Become Us" Exhibition, XU Gallery, Shanghai



    2017, Jan, "Yu Yang Xian Art Group Solo Exhibition" Artoon Space, Shanghai


    2016年11月,CAFAM 第三届双年展“空间协商”,中央美院美术馆, 北京

    2016, Nov, the 3rd CAFAM Biennial, Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


    2016年11月,Smart Beauty 2016女性摄影展,唐镇艺术中心,上海

    2016, Nov, Smart Beauty 2016 Women Photography Exhibition, Tang Zhen Art Center, Shanghai,



    2016, Sept, Beijing Independent Film Exhibition, LI Space, Beijing, with work collected by LI XIAN TI Film Fund


    2016, May, "Post-sentimentalism Female Artists Invitation Exhibition" ART Xiamen, Xia Men

    2016 5月,“全球女性邀请展” 艺术厦门,厦门


    2016, May, "Parabiosis" International Contemporary Arts exhibition, Chang Jiang Contemporary art museum, Chong Qing



    2016 May, 3rd China Women Film Festival, Bei Jing

    2016年5月,第三界中国女性影展, 北京


    2016 March, "China Streaming" VIA Paris & SFE TV, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

    2016年3月,“CHINA STREAMING” VIA 巴黎,法国

    2015 July, “Big Mess" exhibition at Big Space Gallery, Shanghai

    2015年7月,” 一团糟“ BIG SPACE 空间,上海

    2015 June, Chinese Women Artist Video Art Festival, Mexico


    2015, March to June, resident artist @Swatch Peace Hotel Art center, Shanghai

    2015 年3-6月,斯沃琪和平饭店艺术中心驻地艺术项目

    2015 Oct, The Rising Artists Week of Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai

    2015年10月,”青年艺术家创想周” 委约作品,上海国际艺术节

    2015Sept,“12345679” @ Andorra Art Institute, China


    2015, April “Blood Ties” @ Duo Lun Modern Art Museums, Shanghai

    2015年四月,“血脉” 个人表演族谱拍, 多伦美术馆,上海

    2015 April, “Writing Poems” @ Being Art Space, Hangzhou


    2014 October: “ An Event on the Wind” @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

    2014 September: “Where the Wind Comes from” @ LONG Museum, Shanghai