• Video Work 影像作品

    作品: 红线 RED THREAD 2019

    作品链接Work link: https://v.qq.com/x/page/r0822i9i5tw.html?

    短片记录了一根跟红线被含在静默地坐在长桌两头的一男一女口中, 红线不断轻微地抖动,在两者紧闭的嘴中被牵扯和悸动。 与此同时,在红线的正下方有一根纤细的蜡烛在摇曳,若隐若现的小火苗最终把红线烧断。 男子把断线一点点地吸入腹中, 发出陶醉的吮吸声。


    Work Title " Red Thread"

    The work films a fine read thread between a man and woman who sits silently by two sides of a long table. Both of them clenched their teeth tucking the read thread in their mouth very calmly, while the thread is rippling through between them. Meanwhile. A tiny candle is underneath the red thread, with a gentle and tiny fire waiting to reach the thread. In the end, the thread is burnt in half, and the man cannot wait to devour the thread into his stomach hungrily.


    作品名称: 靠 LEAN CLOSE 2019


    作品描述: 两个小木人脸上各自封有一块方形冰块, 以互相依靠的方式倾靠在一起, 随着时间的消逝, 脸上的冰块逐渐一点点融化滴下来在桌面上,形成小小的水面镜面, 映射着彼此。 小木人身处的空间气温极低, 所以,冰块不仅融化的非常慢, 而且两个小木人脸上的冰块最后冻结凝固在了一起, 在某个不可预计的时刻,两个小木人带着脸上逐渐缩小但凝固在一起的冰块, 因为共同的、彼此加给对方的重力倾斜作用, 一起飞了出去, 跌落下来最终被弹开了。


    Description: Two dolls with their face covered with ice cube leaned forward to each other and created a balanced standing statue. With the ice melting slowly, their face were frozen into each other so much , that they still stood in a leaning-way perfectly still, until at a moment after hours of melting, they fell down in a fashion of togetherness. This is a metaphor about relationships and togetherness of the human kind as well as freedom and co-vibration.


    作品名称: 无题 Untitled 2018 https://v.qq.com/x/page/w078942eeyj.html?

    作品描述:女子双手不断撞击几个方形冰块, 每一次撞击都会有细微的小冰屑飞溅出去, 随着撞击的更为频繁, 有一些小东西被冰块的不断解体而释放出来。 最终在融化的冰面之上, 三三两两地躺衣着各一的小人偶。

    The woman in the video was playing quite a few ice cubes with her hands. The ice cubes collided into each other and something was released out. In the end, when the camera rolled in, it found out the bodies of men and women dressed well lying in the melting water.


    作品“无题“ 2018


    文字说明: 头顶一本汉语字典,放下字典,持续抚摸文字, 最后用电转给字典转孔,把失去自身一部分的字典一页页撕下来挂在衣架上, 把衣架置于窗户边迎风飘扬。


    Work Title: Untitled

    Description: The performer walked into the room with a Chinese dictionary on top of her head. She caressed the front page and slowly turned the page after another, and then took a drilling tool out and drilled the dictionary from the top till the book was fast revolving around the driller for quite a bit. She tore the drilled page off and hung them one by one on clothes hanger and let them swing under the window out-looking the evening town.


    自画像 Self Portrait 2018 https://v.qq.com/x/page/r0791tx9vr7.html?

    两个时序完全相反的影像同时在播放, 在左侧影像之中艺术家不断向自己的自画像吹泡泡, 让清晰的自画像模糊并消失在梦幻泡影之中, 而在右侧,一个面目模糊的艺术家自画像不断地变得清晰,在层层泡泡之后突围向观者揭示自我的本来面目。 或者这个本来面目,也不过是艺术家自己编织的梦幻泡影游戏?

    Two films are being played at the same time, while is played in a reversed timeline of the other. On the left side, the artist kept blowing bubbles into her own portrait till her own face image completely disappeared into the bubbles. On the right side of the screen, a self portrait kept becoming clearer and clearer till a clear image revealed itself. Is this clear image real at all? Or its another illusion of the invisible bubbles。


    Feather 羽

    作品链接video link:



    短片记录了一根白色的羽毛在一名静躺着的女子面部上方飘动。 女子不断以轻柔的呼吸之气试图吹拂羽毛。 最后无数白色羽毛落下,一片白茫茫一片。 到底是风动,幡动还是心动呢? 我们不得而知, 除了感知那些轻盈之物所指向的。

    The work films a flowing white feather that flows above the face of a quietly lying girl. The girl is trying to make the feather dance with the breath that comes out of her mouth. In the end, many white feather fell down and whitened everything. Is it the wind flowing, the feather flowing or the heart of the girl is flowing lightly? There is no sure answer but the infinite space that the lightness has pointed to sensationally.

    时长duration:6:05 /尺寸dimension:1920X1080/ 创作年代:2016


    他人的生活 The Life of Others



    The work is composed of fragments of the life of others, spanning from rising up in the early morning to bed time activities by end of the day. It is a stream line of the others’ life under peeping, from a woman’s monologue on how furious she found her husband’s infidelity, to taxi driver’s comments on capitalism in China, from a little’s girl dance performance to her parents at home, to chatting between old couple in the neighborhood, from the thunderstorm to lovers’ seduction game……. 几十部不同电影分离出的影像群汇成的一条生活流。是关于现实图景的片断,展示日常生活的图景,它深藏于社会深处的下面。用窥视与反窥视做为他人的生活的具体景像塑造一些混合性人物,这些人表面上能满足我们观看的欲望,实则是与我们的欲望相对立。我们愿意按照别人的观念去生活,在想象的生活中生活,为此我们尽力地去表露,努力美化并保住这个想象的存在,我们都希望在别人身上找到自己最丰富最真实的那一部分,于是不真实的生活以真切的感受的欲望为养料,通过角色认同变形为游戏,即伪装了自己,又处处展示世间百态。 这个现实是自发的社会环境,人人都有迷失的可能性,我们就处在这个变化之中,就在每个人身上,进入一种新的单调乏味的状态里,进入一种远近相互重叠的视觉之中

    时长Duration: 40.04 min/尺寸Resolutions:1920X1080 /创作年代 Year:2016





    The work is to pose questions to the viewers and the world at large, what is reality, what is fantasy, and what are the boundaries between the two, how much the viewing in front of viewers’ eyes got manipulated, turning the imagined into actual, what has made our minds to bring anything into existence, including impossible things - especially impossible things, as fantasies care little about reality‘s limitations. The perspective the film has revealed through a girl in her two-dimensional world reality versus her three-dimensional world fantasy is perhaps a metaphor for our body and minds in this four-dimensional world reality and our fantasy about more-than-four-dimensional parallel worlds.

    IN对观者及世界提出一系列问题: 什么是真实世界?什么是想象世界?想象世界与真实世界的边界在哪里? 我们所处于的视界之中,有多大空间是头脑的游戏,把想象当做真实的现实? 在二维与三维之间的真实与想象的向度,是否也是一个非常相似的隐喻,可以用作于生活在四维空间的我们对于四维以上的平行世界的我们的想象呢?

    时长Duration: 2.20 min/尺寸Resolutions:1920X1080 /创作年代 Year:2014

    “Tao’s Rhapsody”道的狂想曲



    Only he that rids himself forever of desire can see the Secret Essences;He that has never rid himself of desire can see only the Outcomes. These two things issued from the same mould,but nevertheless are different in name. This same mould we can but call the Mystery,Or rather the Darker than any Mystery’,The Doorway whence issued all Secret Essences. - Dao De Ching

    中国传统文化里的“道” 之深意,是一种对于生命全景的直觉体验,无法用言语或者逻辑具体描述,只能用全身心在日常中感知。 ”故常无欲,以观其妙;常有欲,以观其徼。此两者,同出而异名,同谓之玄。玄之又玄,众妙之门。”

    时长Duration: 8.51 min/尺寸Resolutions:1920X1080 /创作年代 Year:2015


    “Tao’s Dichotomy: Growing and Ceasing ”生息


    Artist performed Taichi and the hands of cloud in a few demolished and re-constructed sites in shanghai, as a metaphor of the yin and yang energy going continuously in this city and in our universe. Growing and ceasing, yin and yang, demolishment and construction, growing and decaying, living and dying, the Tao’s Dichotomy.

    在城市的废墟之中舞动太极及云手, 同时插入画面的还有这个城市似乎永不停止的建设工程和车水马龙。 这个城市的建设及拆除、生长和歇息两种消长能量的对比和隐喻。 道的生与息。

    时长Duration: 6.29 min/尺寸Resolutions:1920X1080 /创作年代 Year:2015


    Blood Ties 血脉



    This piece of work explores ideas of disembodiment of the blood ties between children and their parents, the wounds and reconciliation that comes through it, the transformation of oneself that comes to peace with one’s blood ties and its relevant pains and transformation. The body movements and evocative visual images would be used to present visceral experience as familiar, undeniable, confronting and bounding. It depicts my mother, my father, and I, bound skin to skin, flesh-to-flesh, pains to pains, and suggests the healing – a necessary retour that enables a transmission of life force between generations.

    创作者从自身非常重要的一段私人历史或是生命进行时出发,试图展现她对于血缘的思索, 从自己曾经拥有的、艰难的原生家庭关系出发,审视血缘之强大包裹力,并展现个体生命从神秘的源头中迂回曲折而来的对原生家庭之痛的和解和自我愈合,勾勒那个对于神秘的、强大的、非凡的生命能量代代相传的视觉图景和哲学深思。

    时长Duration: 6.05 min/尺寸Resolutions:1920X1080 /创作年代 Year:2015